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How To Download on KirisTV

How to Download Movies on ❓❓❓

We’ve observed that many new users are struggling with the download process, so here’s a guide on how to download from this website.

Please adhere to these instructions if you’re unsure how to download; don’t skip any steps.

Step One: To start, copy or click the link of the movie you wish to download and paste it into your browser. Then, patiently wait for it to load. For the best experience, we recommend using Chrome on Android devices or Safari on iPhones.


Step Two: When you open the page, you’ll likely encounter some pesky ads. Unfortunately, we have no control over these ads as they’re necessary for site management. Simply click the “Close” button to dismiss the ad. or you might redirect to different page like 1xbet or betting site, For Android users, you can close this by tapping the back button on your phone once. iPhone users can close the new tab by clicking on the tab icon on their browser and returning to the previous tab.


Step Three: Scroll down to the desired movie, episode, or subtitles, and click on the “Download” button labeled with DOWNLOAD or DOWNLOAD SUBTITLE, EPISODE NUMBER.

Step Four: After clicking, a new tab may appear redirecting you to a different site urging you to get a VPN or leading you to a betting site. Don’t fret, this is just another ad (we understand it’s bothersome, but we have no choice). Simply close the new tab and return to previous tab, then click the button again. Depending on your internet speed, you may need to repeat this step. For Android users, simply press your back button once when the new tab opens to close it immediately and return to KirisTV.

Step Five: Once you’ve successfully closed the ad, click “Download” button again. Depending on the movie, it will redirect you to KirisTV Download page Where you will now click ‘Download Now‘ button it will take you to If Ads pop-up or Redirect you control it as it mentioned in previous step.


Step Six: While on Xtarcloud, scroll down and click “Download” to start your download. (You may still need to close some annoying ads). After that your Download will start immediately.

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